If you're interested in us, we're interested in you!

We encourage people who meet the qualifications below to attend a few meetings as a visitor. See who we are, what we do and how we operate. Meet and chat with us in the social time after the meeting. Regular monthly meetings are held from September to June, on the second Tuesday of each month, at 7:30 PM, at the Legion hall at 268 High Street West. Some of our meetings are held in a meeting room upstairs.

The qualifications to become a member of the Elks are:

Any man or woman of good reputation, with respect for religious beliefs and ceremonies, an adherent of lawful government and having attained the age of majority as established by the province or territory in which the Lodge is located. In Saskatchewan the age of majority is 18.

All applicants for membership must complete a membership application form and be proposed by a member in good standing at a regular meeting of the Lodge.  Once the Lodge Secretary informs the Lodge that the applicant has paid all necessary dues and fees, $60 per year in Moose Jaw currently, a vote concerning the admission of the candidate is taken.

If approved, a date for an initiation is set.  Once initiated by the use of a special and meaningful ceremony, the member is entitled to every privilege of membership.

Print an application form here.  Fill it out and mail it to the Elks Lodge, Box 315-325 - 4th Ave. S.W., Moose Jaw, S6H 5V2, or give it to any member. We welcome your application. For more information, call us at 692-7474.